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Our skilled nursing services include:

IV Therapy
Diabetic Care
Dialysis Support
Medication Management
Cardiac Care
Stroke Care
Pain Management
Wound Management
Feeding Tubes
Restorative Care

    Skilled Nursing

    Obion County Nursing and Rehab provides 24/7 skilled nursing services to individuals who need additional care due to diminished ability to perform activities of daily living as a result of injury or other cause. Most of our staff have the training to administer advanced medical treatments. We provide both short-term rehabilitation as well as long-term care, and we utilize teams of doctors and nurses who work with residents and their families to create the most effective care plan.

    It is paramount to us that our residents and their family members feel heard, understood, informed, valued, and secure with us. We fully believe that quality of life is just as important as quality of care. We work hard to keep our residents happy and comfortable. Our culture of care means loving and respecting our residents as a member of our family.

      Physical Therapy

      We treat residents at every stage of life and with a variety of needs. Whether it’s individuals recovering from major surgeries or even someone who needs help building strength after an accident, we can help. Our team can help with the transitioning process from leaving the hospital to going back home. We utilize specialized medical and rehabilitation technologies and equipment to help our patients regain strength, mobility, and balance.

        Occupational Therapy

        Our goal as a team is to help individuals to live the highest quality of life by helping promote healthy living regardless of illness, disability, or injury.  Our team assists residents with every day activities and builds customized methods to help individuals meet their own needs. We work directly with residents to create new methods of overcoming obstacles in their lives, like building a new routine for getting dressed. Again, these plans are customized specifically for each individual resident and help meet personal goals set out in the care plan.

        This process is largely all-encompassing and holistic. Every resident is unique: we customize a plan to fit the specific needs of each individual with the goal of safely attaining the highest degree of functioning and quality of life.

          Speech Therapy

          Speech therapy treatment is available to assist individuals who need improvement in the areas of communicating, speaking, language, voice, and swallowing. Life can be very challenging when you cannot communicate with friends and loved ones. Our goal with speech therapy is to improve our residents’ ability to eat safely and communicate in the most effective way. After initial assessment, our team of specialists can identify needs and create a treatment plan with the focus upon increasing quality of life and ensuring safety. Common challenge areas that our team is specialized in treating include speech articulation disorders, dysphagia, aphasia, swallowing challenges, voice disorders, and apraxia. Speech therapy is also commonly needed following a stroke, accident, or illness.  Our team takes a slow and steady approach to helping individuals regain speech skills in a caring, understanding, and safe space.

            Outpatient Therapy

            Our team works with residents and family members to identify and understand the needs of our residents. The ultimate goal is to pinpoint strategies and implement tactics to help our residents build confidence and lead productive daily lives. We work with residents to help them understand their illness and actively participate in their treatment,  regain stability, and return to independent living when possible. We focus on implementation of daily living skills and routines to help residents achieve consistency and improved quality of life. Compassion and respect for the dignity of each resident drives our team to help build self-esteem and daily living skills.

            Our team will establish a medication and administration plan for each resident. This plan is constantly monitored and evaluated for effectiveness. We work alongside individuals to help them master daily living skills. We believe that staying in constant communications and re-evaluating our plans are essential to effectively treating and rebuilding both physical and emotional health.

              Service levels include:

              Short-Term Care designed for short-stay rehabilitation residents transitioning from hospital to home. 

              Long-Term Care with a variety of long-term residential options featuring varying levels of care.

                Restorative Therapy Services

                Our programs treat a wide range of residents transitioning from hospital to home with a focus on returning them to a productive lifestyle. Through the use of specialized medical and rehabilitation technology and equipment, as well as advanced staff training in complex care conditions, the vast majority of our residents improve.

                Our programs are designed to give you the specific type of care you are looking for.

                  Obion County Nursing and Rehab

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