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We specialize in compassionate, high-quality care from licensed professionals who are committed to our residents.

About Obion County

Nursing  and Rehab

Obion County Nursing and Rehab is a 56 bed skilled nursing home in Union City, TN that offers both long and short term care. Our qualified staff provides the highest standard of patient care, including Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy. Although we are a skilled facility, our goal is to provide more than just medical care. We strive to ensure the best quality of life for our residents. Located 2 miles outside of the city, our country setting allows our residents, visitors, and staff to enjoy the simple pleasures of living, such as sitting in our rocking chairs on our front porch. You may find us sipping on a glass of lemonade and chatting the afternoon away. Our summer days may include a relaxing ride through the country or a trip to the local ice cream parlor. We take pride in our country home cooked meals. Menu favorites include fried chicken and homemade desserts.  Our small intimate setting and compassionate, loving staff help us make the transition from your home to our home a little easier.

How We Stand Apart

    • Experienced, compassionate professional staff
    • Active programming and activities
    • Residents’ privacy & dignity is our top priority
    • Preserving independence when possible
    • Fostering confidence in residents’ care
    • Warm, caring environment to thrive
    • Comprehensive care and attention

    Home assessments are available. 

    • All services are available 7 days a week.

    Full time chaplin on site

    Our approach to healing is a holistic approach ecompassing not just the physical, but also the spiritual ascpect of life. Our chaplin is here for our residents and their families in need.

      Popular Programs

      Psychiatric Therapy


      Speech Therapy

      Occupational Therapy

      Physical Therapy

      And We ♥ Making Memories


      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a skilled nursing facility?

      A skilled nursing facility provides 24-hour licensed nursing care. Skilled nursing services are necessary for patients and residents who require medical care, nursing care, and therapy services for the rehabilitation of disabled, sick, or injured individuals.

      Skilled nursing care most commonly includes IV therapy, rehabilitation services, wound care, post-surgery assistance, help with administration of medications, and assistance in daily functioning that includes help with a variety of daily living needs: dressing, bathing, walking, and eating. Obion County Nursing and Rehab also offers diabetic care, dialysis support, cardiac care, stroke care, pain management, wound management, feeding tubes, and restorative care. These services, along with home assessment and discharge planning, are available 7 days per week.

      When is it time to consider a move to a skilled nursing facility?

      There is plenty to consider when evaluating if and when full-time care may be necessary. First, get a baseline of needs by considering the ability level of personal care in the following activities of daily living:

      • Use of telephone
      • Ability to shop/shopping independently
      • Independent meal preparation and ability to eat without assistance
      • Ability to maintain an adequate diet
      • Participation in household and housekeeping activities
      • Can take care of laundry
      • Can travel and can travel without assistance
      • Can handle medication dispensing accurately
      • Handles own money and expenses and is capable of making purchases without help from others

      While it may seem daunting, recognizing limitations in everyday activities is the first step to identifying the most appropriate level of care an individual needs.

      Is skilled nursing the same type of care an individual would receive at a hospital?

      No, skilled nursing is not the same type of care as a hospital. It’s a common misconception that a nursing facility is an extension of the hospital – especially to those who enter a skilled nursing facility after a stay in the hospital. Broader types of care (including medical care, rehabilitation, and nursing services) are provided by our team of health care experts and dedicated caregivers. Additionally, skilled nursing facilities like Obion County Nursing and Rehabilitation focuses on ensuring our residents feel at home – a place where they feel safe, comfortable, loved, and surrounded by familiar faces who care about them.
      Nursing facilities have a number of activities and entertainment options for residents. Visiting hours are also much less restrictive than hospitals. Friends and family members are very encouraged to visit. We encourage our residents to eat with their friends in the dining room when possible instead of in their rooms.

      Who is permitted to visit? Can groups visit?

      To discuss our current visitation prolicies, call us at (731) 885-9065.

      What types of items is a new resident allowed to bring?

      The following items are recommended, but not required:

      • Any needed dentures; supplies and container
      • Any special hair and bathroom supplies, including comb, brush, shampoo, makeup, body powder, lotions, deodorant, facial tissues, etc.
      • Full sets of undergarments
      • Stockings or socks, nightgowns or pajama sets
      • Flat, non-skid shoes
      • Coat, light jacket
      • Washable, non-skid slippers and robe
      • Casual outfits including a belt if necessary
      • Prescription medications
      • Photos and photo albums, mementos
      How is the personal medication process handled?

      Every resident in our facility is designed with a customized and individual specific care plan. This plan includes the administration of their medication and other elements relating to their pharmaceutical care. The medication administration process is confidential, private, and secure.

      Can a resident leave the facility and spend a night with family? What about holidays?

      To discuss leave policies and overnight visitation process, call us at (731) 885-9065.

      Are pets allowed to visit?

      To discuss our pet visitation policy, call us at (731) 885-9065.

      How do individuals travel to doctor's appointments?

      To discuss doctor’s appointments and travel procedures, call us at (731) 885-9065.

      What about privacy?

      Residents of nursing facilities have the right to privacy, and our teams work together to ensure that our residents’ privacy is a top priority. We adhere to the measures outlined in the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act [HIPAA] and the Nursing Home Reform Act, and state statutes outlining requirements related to public health centers, standards, and certifications.