Our Care & Services

We take pride in providing full life care for individuals in every stage of life.

Our Services

Skilled Nursing Care

We provide 24/7 nursing services for individuals who need extra care to perform activities of daily living.

Rehabilitation Services

Our rehab services help speed recovery, return lost skills, and bring back strength and mobility to live well. 

Psychiatric Services

 Respect for the dignity of each resident motivates our team to build self-esteem and daily living skills.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists use specialized exercises to help patients regain strength, functionality, and mobility.

Occupational Therapy

 We encourage independence and self-reliance by implementing every day actions that promote self-care.

Speech Therapy

Our team works with patients who are facing challenges with speech, communication, and more. 

Explanation of Our Services

Skilled Nursing

Obion County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation provides 24/7 skilled nursing services to individuals who need additional care due to diminished ability to perform activities of daily living as a result of injury or other cause. Most of our staff have the training to administer advanced medical treatments. We provide both short-term rehabilitation as well as long-term care, and we utilize teams of doctors and nurses who work with residents, patients, and their families to create the most effective care plan. 

Our skilled nursing services include:

  • IV Therapy
  • Diabetic Care
  • Dialysis Support
  • Medication Management
  • Cardiac Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Pain Management
  • Wound Management
  • Feeding Tubes
  • Restorative Care

It is paramount to us that our residents, patients, and their family members feel heard, understood, informed, valued, and secure with us. We fully believe that quality of life is just as important as quality of care. We work hard to keep our residents happy and comfortable; we believe it is our responsibility to love and respect our residents and patients like a family member. 


Physical Therapy

We treat patients at every stage of life and with a variety of needs. Whether it’s athletes recovering from injuries, individuals recovering from major surgeries, or even people who need help building strength after an accident – we can help. Our team can help with the transitioning process from leaving the hospital to going back home. We focus on returning patients to a normal and productive lifestyle. We utilize specialized medical and rehabilitation technologies and equipment to help our patients regain strength, mobility, and balance. The majority of our patients are back home and back to their normal, productive lives in a reasonably short amount of time in therapy.


Occupational Therapy

Our goal as a team is to help individuals to live the highest quality of life by helping promote healthy living regardless of illness, disability, or injury.  Our team assists residents with every day activities and builds customized methods to help individuals meet their own needs. We work directly with patients to create new methods of overcoming obstacles in their lives, like building a new routine for getting dressed. Again, these plans are customized specifically for each individual patient and helps meet personal goals set out in the care plan.

This process is largely all-encompassing and holistic. Every resident is unique: we customize a plan to fit the specific needs of each individual with the goal of safely attaining the highest degree of functioning and quality of life.


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy treatment is available to assist individuals who need improvement in the areas of communicating, speaking, language, voice, and swallowing. Life can be very challenging when you cannot communicate with friends and loved ones. Our goal with speech therapy is to improve our residents’ ability to eat safely and communicate in the most effective way. After initial assessment, our team of specialists can identify needs and create a treatment plan with the focus upon increasing quality of life and ensuring safety. Common challenge areas that our team is specialized in treating include speech articulation disorders, dysphagia, aphasia, swallowing challenges, voice disorders, and apraxia. Speech therapy is also commonly needed following a stroke, accident, or illness.  Our team takes a slow and steady approach to helping patients regain speech skills in a caring, understanding, and safe space. 


Psychiatric Therapy

 Our team works with residents and family members to identify and understand the emotional, psychiatric, and medical needs of our residents. The ultimate goal is to pinpoint strategies and implement tactics to help our residents build confidence and lead productive daily lives. We work with residents to help them understand their illness and actively participate in their treatment,  regain stability, and return to independent living when possible. We focus on implementation of daily living skills and routines to help residents achieve consistency and improved quality of life. Compassion and respect for the dignity of each resident drives our psychiatric team to help build self-esteem and daily living skills.

 Our team will establish a medication and administration plan for each resident. This plan is constantly monitored and evaluated for effectiveness. We work alongside patients to help them master daily living skills. We believe that staying in constant communications and re-evaluating our patient plans are essential to effectively treating and rebuilding both physical and emotional health.

Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Our centers treat a wide range of patients transitioning from hospital to home with a focus on returning patients to a normal and productive lifestyle. Through the use of specialized medical and rehabilitation technology and equipment, as well as advanced staff training in complex care conditions, the vast majority of our patients return home and back to active lives in a relatively short period of time. In addition, we offer long-term care for patients who can no longer manage at home.

Our centers are designed to give you the specific type of care you are looking for. Service levels include: 

Short-Term Care designed for short-stay rehabilitation patients transitioning from hospital to home. Many of our locations have dedicated short-term MedBridge units, find a location near you to see if MedBridge is available in your area.

Long-Term Care with a variety of long-term residential options featuring varying levels of care and independence.

We Encourage Active Living

Our residents are an active group and many of them are outgoing and social. Our family-style atmosphere and active living promotes independence and the importance of caring and concern for each other. As a result, our group lives longer, happier, and more enjoyable lives together.

We Keep It Social

An active life keeps us young at heart. At Obion County Nursing and Rehab, our schedule is filled with activities and other social efforts, from educational lectures and speakers to musical performances and occasional outings. And, of course, our residents love entertaining visitors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions is a normal part of the process. Below is an FAQ guide for the most common questions that we receive. We understand that you may have more questions – and we want to answer them for you. Please reach out to us with other questions you have at 731-885-9065. You are also invited to visit our facility and meet members of our team. Call us to set up a tour today!

What is a skilled nursing facility?

A skilled nursing facility provides 24-hour licensed nursing care.  Skilled nursing services are necessary for patients and residents who require medical care, nursing care, and therapy services for the rehabilitation of disabled, sick, or injured individuals. 

Skilled nursing care most commonly includes IV therapy, rehabilitation services, wound care, post-surgery assistance, help with administration of medications, and assistance in daily functioning that includes help with a variety of daily living needs: dressing, bathing, walking, and eating. Obion County Nursing and Rehab also offers diabetic care, dialysis support, cardiac care, stroke care, pain management, wound management, feeding tubes, and restorative care. These services, along with home assessment and discharge planning, are available 7 days per week.

When is it time to consider a move to a skilled nursing facility?

There is plenty to consider when evaluating if and when full-time care may be necessary. First, get a baseline of needs by considering the ability level of personal care in the following activities of daily living:

  • Use of telephone
  • Ability to shop/shopping independently
  • Independent meal preparation and ability to eat without assistance
  • Ability to maintain an adequate diet
  • Participation in household and housekeeping activities
  • Can take care of laundry
  • Can travel and can travel without assistance
  • Can handle medication dispensing
  • Handles own money and expenses and is capable of making purchases without help from others

While it may seems daunting, recognizing limitations in every day activities is the first step to identifying the most appropriate level of care an individual needs.

Is skilled nursing the same type of care an individual would receive at a hospital?

No, skilled nursing is not the same type of care as a hospital. It’s a common misconception that a nursing facility is an extension of the hospital – especially to those who enter a skilled nursing facility after a stay in the hospital. Broader types of care (including medical care, rehabilitation, and nursing services) are provided by our team of health care experts and dedicated caregivers. Additionally, skilled nursing facilities like Obion County Nursing and Rehabilitation focuses on ensuring our residents feel at home – a place where they feel safe, comfortable, loved, and surrounded by familiar faces who care about them. 

Nursing facilities have a number of activities and entertainment options for residents. Visiting hours are also much less restrictive than hospitals.  Friends and family members are very encouraged to visit. We encourage our residents to eat with their friends in the dining room when possible instead of in their rooms. 

Who is permitted to visit? Can groups visit?


What types of items is a new resident allowed to bring?

The following items are highly recommended, but not required, for the comfort of a new resident:

  • Any needed dentures; supplies and container
  • Hair and bathroom supplies, including comb, brush, shampoo, makeup, body powder, lotions, deodorant, facial tissues, etc.
  • Full sets of undergarments
  • Stockings or socks, nightgowns or pajama sets
  • Flat, non-skid shoes
  • Coat, light jacket
  • Washable, non-skid slippers and robe
  • Casual outfits including a belt if necessary
  • Medications
  • Photos and photo albums, mementos
What types of items is a new resident allowed to bring?

The following items are highly recommended, but not required, for the comfort of a new resident:

  • Any needed dentures; supplies and container
  • Hair and bathroom supplies, including comb, brush, shampoo, makeup, body powder, lotions, deodorant, facial tissues, etc.
  • Full sets of undergarments
  • Stockings or socks, nightgowns or pajama sets
  • Flat, non-skid shoes
  • Coat, light jacket
  • Washable, non-skid slippers and robe
  • Casual outfits including a belt if necessary
  • Medications
  • Photos and photo albums, mementos
How is the personal medication process handled?

Every resident in our facility is designed a customized and individual specific care plan. This plan includes the administration of their medication and other elements relating to their pharmaceutical care. The medication administering process is confidential, private, and secure. 

Can a resident leave the facility and spend a night with family? What about holidays?

To discuss leave policies and overnight visitation process, call us at (731) 885-9065.

Are pets allowed to visit?

To discuss out pet visitation policy, call us at (731) 885-9065.

How do individuals travel to doctor's appointments?

To discuss doctor’s appointments and travel procedures, call us at (731) 885-9065.

What about privacy?

Residents of nursing facilities have the right to privacy, and our teams work together to ensure that our residents’ privacy is a top priority. We adhere to the measures outlined in the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act [HIPAA] and the Nursing Home Reform Act, and state statutes outlining requirements related to public health centers, standards, and certifications.